Vinha D’Ervideira Liqueur Awarded in Germany

It was during the month of February that Ervideira sow his wine, Vinha D’Ervideira Licoroso win 91 points at the Mundus Vini, Great International Wine Award in Germany.

Vinha D’Ervideira Licoroso was born with the purpose of create a “Vintage” wine but in this time in the Alentejo region. This wine is produce 100 % with the Tinta Caiada grape. This type of grape is not a very known and prestigious in Alentejo, usually most of the winemakers don’t recognize it. But for us, this variety, has become a window of opportunity to show that in the Alentejo you can make excellent liqueur wines.

Other highlights

Ervideira Harvest 2019

Last August 12th we started the Harvest 2019. Right now we are almost half way through and we are very happy with the result of the raw material – our grapes!

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10th Edition of the Invisível wine

On April 1st we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invisible wine. Always on “Day of the Lies”, since 2010. We send this wine to the market as one of the most exclusive and innovative wines.

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