A legacy
of Innovation

Since the beginning, innovation is part of Ervideira’s DNA. We never had afraid to risk and walk over territories never explored before. We combine tradition with revolution and create each wine with its own personality.

The centuries pass and history repeats itself, we want Ervideira to be a simple and solid company, but with a tremendous beauty.

Our irreverente spirit became pioneer in the region, the sector and in several initiatives.


The first plantation of Touriga Nacional in Alentejo


The first harvest at night, and transport of grapes in refrigerated trucks


A primeira produção de Espumante com certificação no Alentejo sendo atualmente o maior produtor do Alentejo


The first production and certification of a white wine from a red grape, our Invisible


The first using the helix cork in the wines (easy opening stopper, 100% cork)


The first submerging wines 30 meters deep, on the large lake of Alqueva, to create our Water Wine

We often repeat the phrase “who does not dream does not have space here”. We believe that life is made of tradition, roots and values, but also of strenght, innovation and irreverence.

Passion for the method

The wine production process is focuses on the maintenance, essence and quality

The harvest is done at night when there is no sun exposure and temperatures are lower, allowing the grapes to maintain their properties.

The transport to the winery is chilled to preserve the charactertistics of the fresh grape. After the grapes will be subjected to a highly controlled vinification process.

It is also in the winery that we will combine technology and modernity with knowledge and tradition. The wines begin by fermenting in stainless steel vats, then going to stage in oak barrels from French and Hungarian origins. During this period, the wines become even richer, contracting new tones and flavors.