Ervideira Harvest 2019

It’s in the vintage that the first chapter of our history begins. From the vineyard to the wine there is a long way to go, ours is already halfway through.

In conversation with our Winemaker we can understand the state of play between whites and reds and what we can expect from the 2019 Harvest.


Catarina – Good morning Nelson, what can you tell us about the 2019 vintage?

Nelson – Good morning Catarina,

We are in the middle of the Harvest 2019 and so far we are very satisfied with the result of the raw material/grapes that we received to this day.

Catarina – What can we highlight in our white wines?

Nelson – Essentially the very high and natural acidity that gives us very fresh juice. The feeling of freshness is evidente and greatly appreciated by most consumers. There is also correct ph’s with a medium sugar concentration that will help us making elegante and very balanced wines.

Catarina – The same happens with the varieties that are not typical in Alentejo?

Nelson – The “borrowed” varieties are Alvarinho, Gouveio, Viognier and Viosinho are already in the winery and with excelente quality. We are currently working on Arinto and Antão Vaz.

Catarina – And what can you tell us about the red grape varieties?

Nelson – We are now starting the red varieties, but i can tell you already that the highlight is the color level of grapes. We are getting in the winery very small berries which really helps us to get a wine with a very strong color and a unique personality.

Catarina – What were the first varieties of red that you received this year?

Nelson – At this moment we already have Aragonez, Alfrocheiro and Tinta Caiada in the winery. Both very promising and with a fantastic perfume. We are also starting the Touriga Nacional grape. When we’re done we start with Alicante Bouschet, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Catarina – Nelson, to conclude, what can we tell our friends and consumers about the wines to come?

Nelson – So far, what we have received at the winery is very promising. Which will help us to follow up on what nature gives us – which is truly fantástic grapes. So to our friends and consumers you can expect unique and amazing wines.

Other highlights

10th Edition of the Invisível wine

On April 1st we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invisible wine. Always on “Day of the Lies”, since 2010. We send this wine to the market as one of the most exclusive and innovative wines.

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