Who we are

Ervideira is one of the secular wine companies in Portugal, producing wine since 1880. It currently has the fourth and fifth generation of active producers. Ervideira have a total of 160 hectares of vineyards, distributed by family properties in Vidigueira and Reguengos.

Mission and values

Since the beginning of our production in 1880, we have had the mission of creating truly unique and exclusive wines.

Guide by the legacy left by our great grandfather, we rely on a base of values that combines tradition and innovation: History, Pleasure, Quality, Distinction, Emotion, Gastronomy, Trust, Difference, Terroir, Tradition, Family, Exclusivity and Future.

As a working pholosophy, we always take care of hiring locally, as the company as to be a strong element helping the region. As a matter of curiosity, only job opportunities are given to those who are unemployed or looking for the first job, because in this way, in addition to being a company that generates regional stability, it does not conflict with other companies in the region, which we very much respect.