Information – COVID-19

Within the scope of its COVID-19 Contingency Plan, Ervideira suspends, as of March 15, the operation of its facilities open to the public, namely:

Ervideira Wine Lounge – Winery

Ervideira Wine Shop Évora

Ervideira Wine Shop Monsaraz

Ervideira Wine Shop Lisboa

Ervideira Wine Shop Fátima

Whenever necessary, or should there be major changes to the current situation, they will be disseminated through institucional communication channels.

In alternative we suggest you to make all your purchases online through the website:

We hope to see you soon!




Other highlights


Because help can not stop, Ervideira supports the Food Emergency Network, donating the value of the highest price bottle on each order!

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Ervideira Harvest 2019

Last August 12th we started the Harvest 2019. Right now we are almost half way through and we are very happy with the result of the raw material – our grapes!

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10th Edition of the Invisível wine

On April 1st we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invisible wine. Always on “Day of the Lies”, since 2010. We send this wine to the market as one of the most exclusive and innovative wines.

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