Ervideira Harvest Experiences 2019

Ervideira Harvest Experience

This Experience is available between August 23rd and September 14th, 2019.

We will start with a wine tour showing and explaining all the backstage of the production process, since the grape reception, through the fermentations area, barrels room and bottling process.

After, we will be at Ervideira Wine Lounge starting the tasting. On a first step, we will invite you to taste must in fermentation, according to availability, and after we will travel through the Ervideira wines. This wine selection will be personalized, with white, rose  and red wines, and will be paired with a traditional products degustation – bread, cheese, sausage’s selection and tradicional flavored jam.


Estimated Duration:
15€ per person

Open Day Ervideira - September 7th 2019

Exclusive Ervideira Club Member

The program of this experience does not include the grape picking activity by hand, but we want to show you how we work at Ervideira. So we start the day with a visit to the vineyard, followed by a visit to the winery with all the explanations and details of how everything works – since the grape reception, fermentations and all wine processes, barrels and bottling process. During the tour, we will be tasting fermenting must as well as the “new” wine, already with alcoholic fermentation finished. It will be two very different experiences. From here, already in the tasting room, we have a complete regional product degustation already prepared to paring with the Ervideira wine tasting, inviting to a trip between whites, rosés, sparkling wines, reds and special wines.

Estimated Duration:
5 hours
25€ per person

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